Banking crisis in Latvia. Alternative

Apr 05 2018

Post-release meeting March 29, 2018.

The meeting was devoted to the theme "The banking crisis in Latvia. Alternative".

The meeting was opened by Arkady Kerner, Chairman of the Board of ASBС. He greeted all participants and solemnly presented Certificates of ASBС members to companies: IT Offshore, Smart Tax Services and Jurhouse.

The meeting discussed the difficult situation with Latvian banks, in particular ABLV and Rietumu. The participants of the meeting told about their experience with the closure of accounts in these banks, about the difficulties encountered and discussed ways to solve the problems that have arisen.

Representatives of the banking sector of Latvia and other countries told about development prospectives and possible difficulties in the future. Participants of the meeting considered alternatives to Latvian banks, and the advisability of opening additional non-resident accounts for customers with an existing account in a Latvian bank.

At the moment, the problem with Latvian banks is quite acute, which has caused a great response among the members of ASBС, and has attracted new participants, whom ASBС will gladly accept into their ranks.

After the official part, all participants were invited to a traditional coctail evening, where the conversation was continued in an informal atmosphere.

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