Season Opening 2018-2019

Sep 04 2018

August 30, 2018 the Association of Specialists of Business Consulting opened a new season 2018-2019. This meeting, which opened the new season, was devoted to a new law on international companies in Russia, and practical issues of applying liquidation benefits and amnesties of assets.


Board Chairman of ASBC Arkadi Kerner in his welcoming speech congratulated colleagues on the start of the new business season and thanked the new participants for their interest in the work of ASBC. The Chairman noted the importance of the activities of the Association, aimed at helping the members of the Association in the realization of their corporate interests, on cooperation in the professional field and raising their professional level.


Speakers of the meeting were Alexander Guskov and Konstantin Asabin, representing the tax department of IBFS united.


The meeting examined the conditions and criteria that an international company must have in order to register in special administrative areas; application of tax benefits, currency control in these areas, and regulatory framework.


In addition to issues related to Russian offshore companies, the meeting discussed practical issues in the application of amnesty and liquidation incentives, such as:

- De-registration of a foreign company and strike-off procedure;

- Currency offense "For the sake of amnesty";

- How to arrange and declare relations with the face value ?;

- Is it worth pardoning the personal income tax for 2017 ?;

- Portfolio management: an individual or a CEC ?;

- Realization of the property right after liquidation;

- Liquidation preference and bonded loans ?.


The meeting lasted 2 hours, after which all participants proceeded to a traditional buffet table, where the conversation continued in an informal atmosphere.

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