Season opening 2019-2020

Sep 29 2019

On September 26, 2019, the Moscow City International Business Center hosted the opening of the new season of the Association of Business Consulting Specialists.

The general meeting of ASBC members was held in the format of a round table at which the first persons of the leading Russian companies in the field of international business discussed the latest news, trends and shared their experience with colleagues on high-profile issues.

Participants paid special attention to the following issues:
Substance at BVI. In what form should a document be prepared with an assessment of the presence of the required level of actual presence, and is this document needed at all?
Under what conditions do Cypriot banks open offshore accounts?

Hong Kong banks and tax authorities request information in which jurisdiction a company pays taxes if it does not conduct business in Hong Kong. Which companies are monitored, for what purpose and what could be the consequences?

In addition to the main topics, ASBC members discussed the situation with Latvian banks and the opening of accounts with foreign banks in general.
By tradition, the meeting ended with a buffet at which all participants continued their communication in an informal setting.
We thank all those present at the meeting and congratulations on the opening of the season!

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