Tax-free jurisdictions and banks

Mar 31 2019

Round table post release dated 03/28/2019

Since the new year, there have been many changes in the laws of many countries, to which business needed to adapt quite quickly. In particular, this concerns the issue of tax-free jurisdictions. Every day, the question arises from consultants: is there any point in contacting such jurisdictions? Will they open an account? Are there any alternatives? ACBK members discussed these and many other issues at the last meeting of the Association.
This meeting was closed. The issues were discussed exclusively in the circle of partners - members of ACBK. Colleagues shared their experiences with each other and analyzed possible alternative solutions for business: low-tax jurisdictions and banks, which are currently afloat and successfully open accounts.
It is very important that cooperation between ACBC members justifies the existence of the Association. After all, it was for this purpose that it was created. Each of our participants has his own strengths and advantages in business that he can offer his colleagues. Thanks to the interaction of partners within the Association, they have the opportunity to cover all areas of business services abroad for their customers.

Thank you all for participating in the Association of Specialists of Business Consulting !

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