About us
The Association of Specialists of Business Consulting was established by a group of leading consulting companies. The idea of the Association is to develop and support the business by combining persons who provide business consulting services to ensure healthy competition and cooperation with trusted service providers, which, according to the initiative group, is the right way of development in such a difficult and tense time.

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ASBC unites corporate CEOs of leading Russian and international companies working in the field of business consulting, including international. The Association ensures successful cooperation and exchange of experience between the members of the organization.
The main tasks of the Association are:
  • - association of participants in the market of business services,
  • - assistance to the members of the Association in the promotion of their corporate services,
  • - exchange of experience related to the professional sphere,
  • - cooperation with other Associations and Unions for solving common problems and tasks,
  • - organization of various kinds of events with the involvement of well-known experts and specialists in the most demanded areas.